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Rainmail Lite Server


"Rainmail Lite Server" provides an ideal Internet sharing solution for your LAN. Installing right out of the box for systems running RedHat Linux (v5.2 and up), "Rainmail Lite Server" also cuts down your maintenance costs. The proxy server comparison chart will also tell you that "Rainmail Lite Server" is a wise investment.

"Rainmail Lite Server" acts as your LAN's gateway to Internet. With a rich set of features and a simple configuration interface, this forms the best solution to your Internet access needs. To list a few, Rainmail Lite Server provides.

  • Automatic dial up on request to connect to Internet
  • Automatic re-dialing when busy signal is encountered
  • Automatic disconnect on idle
  • Intelligent web page caching for faster browsing
  • Friendly, easy to use configuration program
  • Handle multiple ISP's
  • Switch between ISP's at click of a button
  • Browse the web even when not connected to the net
  • and more...